McDVoice Survey 2020 At Www.McDVoice.Com

Welcome to the Mcdvoice Survey of 2020. Visit the McDonalds Survey at, Win BOGO Item.

Every time you go to McDonald’s do you crave an extra burger? Now, what if I told you, you could get that extra burger and that too for free with the help of McDVoice Survey at!

What more? You can get this free meal five times a month!

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it isn’t.

We all have our opinions and just need a chance to complain. McDonald’s is giving you a free meal for just doing that with their McDVoice survey.

Read ahead to know more about it.

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Survey Name McDVoice
RewardBOBO Item
Receipt Valid For7 Days
Survey Valid For30 Days
Survey Limit5 person/ per month
Coupon Limit1 coupon per person, per visit


Www.McDvoice.Com Survey Receipt – Online Survey

McDVoice Survey Homepage

McDonald’s is a world-renowned brand for burgers and quick eats. Their grand success is attributed to their sincere customer service, smart kitchen, food quality, ever enhancing menu, localized menu items, and hygiene.

They take their customer’s voices very seriously, and that’s why they have started the McDVOICE campaign. Quoting them, “Our people make us the leaders that we are,” makes it easy to understand why they want your opinion and feedback regularly.

This survey is one of the very few surveys were you get an assured reward. You just answer a few simple questions about their food, menu, service, store experience, staff, and your overall experience with them and get a free delicious Egg McMuffin, Quarter Pounder with cheese, or maybe cash prize.

Now, the best part you can fill five surveys a month. Make five purchases and get five free by just sparring 2 minutes to voice your opinion!

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McDVoice Receipt With Survey Code

  • Make a purchase and keep the receipt safe.
  • Go to
  • Select language.
  • Fill in your survey ID.
  • The questionnaire will begin. Fill in all the answers honestly.
  • Click on submit, and you will be redirected.
  • You will get a “Validation Code”. Note it down or take a snap.
  • You will require this “Validation Code” to redeem your offer. Receipt Without Survey Code. (Without Survey Code)

McDVoice Receipt Without Survey Code

  • Make a purchase and keep the receipt safe.
  • Go to
  • Select language.
  • Click on the hyperlink below the sample receipt. (Hyperlink showed below)
  • Fill in the required details – store #, KS #, Date of Visit, Order, and Amount spent to verify your purchase.
  • The questionnaire will begin. Fill in all the answers honestly.
  • Click on submit, and you will be redirected.
  • You will receive a “Validation Code”. Note it down or take a snap.
  • You will require this “Validation Code” to redeem your offer.

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McDvoice.Com Survey Rules & Regulations

  • You have to be a resident of the USA or Canada to enter the survey.
  • You cannot be an employee/family member of an employee of McDonald’s.
  • A purchase receipt is mandatory. You will need the 26 digit survey code or your billing details to enter the survey.
  • You have to be 15+ years.
  • You can fill out the survey five times per month for a single store.
  • It is possible you can redeem one coupon code only at a time/purchase.
  • You need the “Validation Code” or else you are void of the survey reward.
  • Your survey code is valid for seven days.

FAQ’s On McDVoice Survey

1) Can I get anything with the coupon code?

No, the survey reward entitles you to get a free Egg McMuffin or Quarter Pounder with cheese only. But if you get lucky to the cash prize, well then you can spend it the way you like. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

2) How long is my reward valid?

You are free to claim your free meal within 30 days of receiving the coupon code. After the said period, your coupon will be deemed invalid.

3) Why is the “Validation Code” so important?

The “Validation Code” that you get after completing the McDVoice survey is proof that you have completed the survey. That is your reward. If you lose the Validation Code, you lose your 2 minutes and a free meal.

4) Can I redeem my coupon in any store?

Yes, you can. There are no terms and conditions with where you can use your coupon. So go ahead to your nearest McDonald’s and enjoy your free meal.

5) What are my odds of winning the reward?

You have a 100% surety of winning the reward. All McVoice Surveys reward you. This is one of the very surveys that give assured survey reward. Don’t worry, and just fill in the survey.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up

By now, you must be wondering why McDonald’s cares so much about my experience. Yeah! It is crazy that you get a free meal just to give your opinion to someone. But McDonald’s is one of the very few food chains that care about their customers more than anything else.

After the two brothers – Maurice (Mac) and Richard McDonald, started their first restaurant in 1948 in California, they thrived on providing the best quality burgers. They cared to try and make their burgers as health-friendly as possible.

The brand rapidly grew as they were selling the cheapest hamburgers. It was made possible with the genius idea of making a self-service restaurant. This reduced their costs drastically and got them a vast number of loyal customers.

From the very first day, they worked hard on their menus to reduce the salt, sugar, and fat content. This humongous organization is spread across 120 countries with 37800+ stores.

They quickly catch the market because they take a country’s culture and tradition into serious consideration before designing a menu. For example, in India, you will never find the Big Ham because cows are considered scared there.

If there’s anyone who can give them the best feedbacks and opinions, it is their customer, and hence they designed the “McDVoice Survey.” They reward you not for the survey but for what you have helped them achieve.

So just stop thinking so much and buy your Big Ham, take 2 minutes to fill the survey, and enjoy your free food five times a month!

If you have any queries, you can comment down below, or else you can reach us from the contact page.

McDonald’s Customer Care Number: 1-800-244-6227
McDonald’s Store Locator:
McDonald’s Mail Address: McDonald’s Corporation, 2111, McDonald’s Dr, Oak Brook, IL 60523, The United States.

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