Lowes Survey 2020 At www.Lowes.Com/Survey

www.lowes.com/survey collects user’s feedback as a survey and give them a free $5000 reward as a check. Take part in Lowes survey by completing a simple survey.

How was your shopping experience at Lowes? Answer simple questions like the one above and stand a chance to win $5000 worth gift cards from Lowes.

Lowes Survey At www.Lowes.Com/Survey {Official Links}

Purchase MandatoryYes
Entry MethodOnline & By Mail
Age Limit18+
Prize Details$300 Gift Card
Entry LimitOne Entry One Person
Cash Receipt Valid For10 Days
Lowes Official Websitewww.lowes.com/survey

Lowe's Survey At www.lowes.com/survey

About Lowes Survey

Lowes Survey is a customer satisfaction survey. This means the survey intends to gather feedback and gain insights from a customer about their shopping experience, products and services.

Quoting their website, “The people we serve are at the heart of everything we do,” makes it very clear that their customers drive the company.

To ensure their customers’ satisfaction and continued success, they need feedback. An excellent way to do this is to give out survey forms. This would permit Lowe to have access to vast amounts of data to assess their performance and check where they are lacking.

In return for such valuable data, they give a survey reward upon filling them. The survey contains straightforward questions regarding your shopping experience, its products, services, etc.

You just have to give them an honest opinion, and you get a chance to win $5000 worth gift card as the survey reward. You earn the prize if your name is pulled out in a lucky draw.

All that you need to fill out this survey is a receipt from their store with a survey code for Lowes survey website www.lowes.com/survey.

If you don’t have a receipt, then what are you waiting for? Go and buy the hardware you needed for your home from Lowes and give your shot at taking home $5000.

Here’s the store timing: Monday – Saturday: 6 am to 10 pm Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm

However, before heading out if you would like to check if they have what you want, then contact: 1-800-445-6937 080676 74000

There are two ways of getting into the lucky draw list:

  1. Online form
  2. Mail

Guide to your shot for the Lowes survey. (Online form)

  1. Keep a receipt with the survey code from Lowes handy.
  2. Go to their survey page – www.lowes.com/survey.
  3. Select the country you live in.
  4. Choose the desired language.
  5. Enter the required details – Time of visit, the total amount spent, and the 12 digit ID on your Lowes receipt.
  6. Answer the questions honestly and give necessary feedback.
  7. Enter personal details for them to contact you if you win.
  8. Cross your fingers, and wish yourself good luck!

You can also sign up for the sweepstake. (By Mail)

  1. Use a 4″ x 5″ card.
  2. Write your complete name, street address, city, state, zip code, age, phone number, and mail ID.
  3. Write about your experience.
  4. Put the card in an envelope and mail it to Lowes 2020 Customer Satisfaction $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, PO. Box 2274, Framingham, MA 01703-2274 USA.

Things to keep a note of before filling in for Lowes survey [Eligibility & Rules]

  • There is no necessity to purchase to enter or win.
  • Need receipt of purchase from the store with the 12 digit receipt ID
  • Fill in the survey before 29th January 2021.
  • You have to be a legal resident of the USA, Washington DC, or Canada.
  • You have to at least be 18 years in age.
  • You cannot be a serving personal to the Lowes or be a family member of any such person.
  • The winner is chosen based on a lucky draw.
  • If a winner doesn’t respond within seven days, their award shall be forfeited.

About Lowes Company

Lowes is one of the largest home improvement retail chains. They deliver everything that you need for mowing your lawn and remodeling your home. In 1921, L.S. Lowe established the first-ever store of what would turn to be the most significant home improvement retail chains.

It was called Lowes North Wilkesboro Hardware. Besides hardware, they also sold groceries and dry goods. In 1946, the joint owners- Carl Buchan and Jim Lowe decided to focus on home improvement products solely.

This idea came from the expectation of high demand for these products after World War II. They renamed it to Lowes Home Improvements. A little later, Carl Buchan became the sole owner of the chain but still kept the name – Lowes. On 10th October 1961, Lowes went public and sold 400,000 shares each at $12.25 only.

It isn’t surprising that they have been listed twice on the “Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in America” by the Fortune 100 (1984 & 2001). They slowly started going global, with their first steps in establishing an office in Bangalore, India, in 2015. Later, in 2016 they purchased RONA in Canada to expand operations.

At present, Lowes has 2200+ stores across the USA and Canada. They employ 300,000 associates who serve 18 million customers every week. In 2019, it generated $72.1 billion in sales.

FAQ’s on Lowes Survey

1) How will I know I won?

If your name is drawn out in the lucky draw, you will be contacted through the personal information you have provided. Ensure that you provide valid details about yourself because if you fail to respond within seven days, your award will be forfeited.

2) Do I get $5000 in cash?

No, you get gift cards as the reward for Lowes Survey. If you win, you will receive two $2000 cards and one $1000 card.

3) What are my odds of winning? Did anyone ever win?

Your odds of winning entirely depend on the number of people who fill out this rewarding survey. It also depends on your luck. All the best! Yes, Lowes take their customers seriously. This is a new campaign however you can check out the previous winner of a monthly $500 survey reward here – https://6e0b9f53de7fb934e9a2- 1954f7a1985bf066a621b3cdff5c551f.ssl.cf5.rackcdn.com/Lowes/winners500.html

4) How frequently will the drawing happen?

The drawing will happen once every quarter. Yes, the frequency is less, but after all, $5000 is worth the wait.

5) For how many days is my 12 digit receipt ID valid?

The 12 digit ID is valid for three days from the date of billing. Be sure to use the ID before that, or else you will have to purchase something for a new receipt.

Last Words

Lowes is simply one of the best places for your home improvement requirements. They have everything under one shed at reasonable prices with the best associates to help you.

It’s time you start dreaming about your home remodeling or simply get that mechanical drill you always wanted. For them to continue serving you so well and expand their chain, they need your feedback.

You can help them and get a chance to win $5000 by merely doing Lowes survey (www.Lowes.Com/Survey). In the end, it’s up to you whether you toss that bill into the bin or take 5 minutes to fill a survey and get lucky. If you found this article helpful, then don’t forget to comment below, or you can directly contact us.

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  1. I recently had a RETURN, the assistant store manager was beyond NICE. There was no drama what so ever in the return!!! His name is Tyler Webber at Store: 0532. Tyler is the type of employee any company would be honored to have working for them!!!!


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