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Subway is the healthiest fast-food option. If we think of a sub or sandwich, we think the subway. They serve the freshest subs made to our taste and choice in front of us!

As we grow, we realize how important healthy food is and see our choice shift to the likes of Subway over other fast-food joints. After eating our favorite sub, we crave a fountain drink and after a meal, their cookie is heaven in the mouth! Trust me their cookies are to die for!

But sometimes, you just stand on the counter and wish oh! What if they gave it for free?

Guess what? Dream come true! You can now get that cookie for free or maybe even a fountain drink for free with a purchase of a sub, flatbread or salad.

The global subway survey gives you a reward for a free cookie or a fountain drink on completing a subway survey.

Read ahead to know more.

Global Subway Survey 2020 At (Www.Global.Subway.Com) {Details & Official Link}

Survey NameSubwayListens
Reward?Surprise offer from the Subway
Purchase Mandatory?Yes
Official Survey
Receipt Validity5 Days

About Global Subway Survey

All major food servers can stay in the market only if their customers love them and are loyal to them. If they fail to impress their customers, the various competitors out there eat their brand. Every person buying food wants quantity, quality, hygiene, and service.

If the consumer is upset about any of these parameters they just simply choose from the various other options out there. To stay alive in this cut-throat competition, fast-food chains conduct surveys from time to time to understand and gather information about their customers’ experience at their store.

Surveys provide first-hand feedback, opinions, and complaints from the consumers. This is immensely valuable data to any restaurant. In return for such information, survey rewards are given.

In 50 years of its establishment, Subway has expanded globally. It has 100s of stores in each of the countries it exists. People love their fresh subs made with the best and freshly sourced ingredients. However, despite being a massive brand, the competition in this sphere of the food industry is harsh.

Even one unsatisfied customer can damage their reputation with just one single tweet. To make sure they stand strong Subway has launched the Global Subway Listens Survey to ensure that their customers are heard and receive a delightful experience on their next visit.

Their motto “We Listen, We Care” is the driving force behind this survey. They plan on listening to your opinion and then care to improve their operations.

To continue their success spree, they have to continually know if their customers are satisfied or not. GLOBAL SUBWAY LISTENS SURVEY is the resultant of this effort. The survey was launched to gauge candid feedback from their customers about the quality and quantity of the sub, sandwich, salad, drinks, cookies, staff behavior, hygiene, taste, and most of all their overall experience.

Analyzing and interpreting this information will help them work on their weaker areas and cater to the demand of their customers.

In return for such valuable information, Subway is giving you a free cookie or fountain drink on a purchase of a sub, flatbread or salad Just answer a few simple questions about your recent visit to Subway and you will get your coupon code for the free cookie or drink.

Here’s how you can fill out the survey:

Step By Step Guide To Global Subway Survey:

The global subway survey is easy to take the online survey available on their website. Follow the steps below to get your free cookie or drink:

  • Take your phone or computer and connect to the internet. You will have to get online to take the survey, so make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Head over to the official survey page at or These are the two websites where you can take the survey.
  • On the home page, you will be asked to enter your email address, first name, and last name. Enter the details accurately and click the “Begin Survey” to start the survey.
  • You will be asked about your experience, food taste, quality, hygiene, staff behavior, and basic questions about your overall experience at the store. Most of the questions require you to provide ratings.
  • Answer them honestly so as to provide Subway with accurate and honest opinions for them to work on.
  • Click “Finish” to complete the survey and submit it.
  • Once done, you will be displayed a unique offer code. Note this on your receipt and keep it safe for your next visit.
  • The unique offer code is your gateway to the free cookie or fountain drink on your next purchase.

NOTE: You will have to keep the purchase receipt with you or else you will be denied the reward.

Important Points To Keep Note Of:

  • You must be an adult, that is, you have to be 18+ years in age.
  • Purchase is mandatory. You will have to keep the purchase receipt safe as you will be asked to present it with the coupon code to claim your reward.
  • Your receipt is valid only for 5 days.
  • The unique offer code has an expiry date and you will have to claim it within that date or else you will miss your reward.
  • It is a global survey. It is not region bound so that means you can take the survey from any part of the world.
  • There is no restriction on the number of surveys you can take. The only thing you must note is you can fill only one survey per day.
  • You have to understand English well as the survey is available only in English.

About Subway Company

Subway is an American Fast Food restaurant chain serving freshly made submarine sandwiches (subs), bread, cookies, and soft drinks. They operate as franchises and are spread across the world in every nook. They have stores in stadiums, malls, cinemas, big stores, and also have stand-alone serving the best subs that there is.

Subway is a perfect example of “God’s Plan”. Who would have thought a nuclear physicist would go on to build a 44,000+ franchise chain along with his student selling freshly – custom made subs.

Dr. Peter Buck, a nuclear physicist gave an idea to one of his students – Fred DeLuca to open a submarine sandwich shop to help himself in paying off his tuition fee. DeLuca got a $1000 investment from Peter to set up his first store – Pete’s Super Submarines at Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965.

They became popular very soon because they were the only ones selling affordable, freshly – made to order sandwiches. By 1974, they were already operating 16 stores. Seeing that it would get harder to manage the operations and meet the targets they planned on giving out franchises in the name of the brand “Subway”. This is how Subway was born.

The brand saw massive growth and currently operates in 440000+ stores and franchises all across the globe serving the best Subs in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions On Global Subway Survey

1) Can I redeem cash for my coupon?

Subways offer only a cookie or a drink as the survey reward. You cannot claim cash as a reward instead of what they have on offer. Enjoy your cookie or drink for free!

2) How do I claim my reward?

You have to go to the nearest Subway with the purchase receipt containing the unique offer code. You will have to purchase a sub, flatbread, or a salad and present your code. You will be given a free cookie or a fountain drink.

3) Is there any other way to enter the survey?

No, you can enter the survey only through their official survey site at or There is no other way you can enter the survey and get your reward.

4) How many surveys can I take?

You can take as many as surveys you want. You are restricted to only one thing that is, you can fill only one survey each day. So, you can get a free cookie every day.

5) How long will the survey take to finish?

It was a very small survey and you will be able to finish it in no time. The survey takes only one minute to finish. So you don’t have to worry about the time you have to spend on getting a free drink or cookie.


Subway has become the most favorite sub joint of the World. They have expanded so much only because of what they provide their customers.

Subway thrives to provide the best customer experience and ensure that their customers drive out happy. They wish to give the best service but not at the cost of the quality of their subs and other menu items. They wouldn’t know if they have upset you unless you tell them.

The global subway survey is a good way of letting them know what you feel, how they can improve, and what you expect from them. The survey hardly takes a minute. Give them your candid feedbacks and help your favorite sub joint improve and serve you better. With that, you also give yourself a cookie treat.

What are you waiting for? Fill the survey and enjoy your free cookie or drink.

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